People who have had abortions are calling on Minority Leader Pelosi to support abortion access. Add your name to join NNAF and sign the letter in solidarity.

The Honorable Nancy Pelosi
House Minority Leader
United States House of Representatives
233 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Re: Compassion for abortion rights

Dear Minority Leader Pelosi,
July 10, 2017
As people who have had abortions, we call on you as the leader of the Democratic party to stand with us in support of access to abortion. While you have shown support for abortion rights throughout your career, as one of the Democrats’ most powerful and high-profile leaders, your vote alone is not enough. We and the millions of us who’ve had abortions are counting on you to ensure that the Democratic party represents us and protects all people’s fundamental rights to equality and justice. More than protection for the right to have an abortion, we need access to be a reality for all of us.

This is especially true now, when these rights are in jeopardy. While state and federal regulations adding financial, legal and logistical barriers to abortion access multiply, we call on you be a champion for the millions of us who have had abortions, love someone who has had an abortion, or may someday need an abortion. We call on you to reach out to leaders in your own party who fail to recognize the indelible link between abortion access and economic justice, both central pillars of the Democratic Party’s values. The issue is not about whether or not politicians would choose abortion for themselves. It’s about whether they’d stand in the way of their constituent’s ability to make that decision for themselves.

You recently said that as Democrats, there is “one thing that unifies us: our values about working families.” We agree. But to support working families, it’s crucial to also support the non-negotiable human right to choose when and whether to have that family. When the Democratic Party welcomes individuals who will use their vote to restrict access to abortion, that directly undermines those values and harms the people you claim to support.

We need you, our pro-choice champion, to not only protect abortion access when a vote comes to the floor, but also in your language -- understanding that abortion is a normal decision that many of us make every single day. We want to be met with compassion, both when seeking abortions and when politicians speak about our decisions. Our fight is not just about the right to abortion, but also how we talk about abortion in a way that doesn’t encourage stigma and legitimize the unending attacks on abortion providers, clinics, and access.

As people who’ve had abortions, we’re fighting for reproductive justice: ensuring everyone is able to decide if, when, and how to grow their families, and to be able to do it without coercion and government restriction. Access to abortion helps working families prosper. We call on you to show solidarity with those of us who – without abortion access – would be forced to leave their jobs to take care of a baby or obligated to take multiple jobs as we struggle with the costs of raising a family.

When policymakers at the state and federal level don’t support abortion rights, we’re the ones who suffer. Under your leadership, the Democratic caucus must champion this cause and do everything in its power to stop the assault on these rights coming from the White House and Republican Congress and around the country. We’re asking you, and the Democratic Party, to have compassion for our experiences and ensure that our rights and freedoms are protected.

Politicians should represent the people and our needs. The Democratic Party should be compassionate, inclusive and empowering. We are calling on you today to stand with us and commit to supporting abortion access for all.


*Cities listed are the locations where the signatories had their abortions

Yamani Hernandez Executive Director, National Network of Abortion Funds
Elizabeth Acosta Miami, FL
Margaret Aguilar Chicago, IL
Ann Allen New York, NY
Kathleen Alonso Miami, FL
Sally Alves Boston, MA
Amy Anderson New York, NY
Ingrid Andersson Madison, WI
Aimee Arrambide Texas
Maryanna Axson Savannah, GA
Norma Bailey Los Angeles, CA
Debbie Bamberger San Francisco, CA
Darla Barar Austin, TX
Rana Barar San Francisco, CA
Rachel Barnes Hagerstown, MD
Allyson Batchelder Springfield, MA
Alana Berry Atlanta, GA
Julie Bindeman Rockville, MD
Holly Bland Akron, OH
Shanel Boyce Binghampton, NY
Renee Bracey Sherman Chicago, IL
Trudy Brown Sunnyvale, CA
Heather Busby Austin, TX
Jessica C San Francisco, CA
Cara Callahan Springfield, MA
Meagan Campbell Pittsburgh, PA
Alida Cardós Whaley Milwaukee, WI
Kate Carson Boston, MA
Leigh Clark St. Louis, MO
Tiffany Colson Dallas, TX
Kay Contreras Richmond, CA
S D New York, NY
Michelle Davis Columbus, OH
Tanya DePass Chicago, IL
Sheila Desai
Daniela Diaz Washington, DC
Sharon Diehl Ft. Collins, CO
Allison Dreith Granite City, IL
Elizabeth Estrada Atlanta, GA
Jessica Feldman Manchester, NH
Melinda Fenick Richmond, VA
Jen Ferris West Palm Beach, FL
Tara FitzPatrick Richmond, VA
Carrie Foote New York, NY
Sasha Foster Toronto, Ontario
Liza Fuentes Washington, DC
Caitlin Gaffin Charleston, WV
Margot Garnick Lisbon, ME
Samantha Gladu Denver, CO
Dani Gomez CA
April Greene Atlanta, GA
Tonopah Greenlee Kampala, Uganda
Shailey Gupta-Brietzke College Station, TX
Jack Gutierrez Orlando, FL
Darcy Hagin Walnut Creek, CA
Calla Hales Charlotte, NC
Derenda Hancock Stillwater, OK
Damaris Henderson Atlanta, GA
Yamani Hernandez Chicago, IL
Anne Hopkins Tijuana, Mexico
Priscilla Huang San Francisco, CA
Sarina Irizarry San Francisco, CA
Amy Irvin New Orleans, LA
Saletha Isaacson Miami, FL
Maryam Janani San Antonio, TX
Karolina Johnson Chicago, IL
Jamie Johnson Tuscaloosa, AL
Aziza Jones Chicago, IL
Mona Jones-Romansic Eugene, OR
Dani Kalifornia St. Louis, MO
msan francisco, CA
g alonzoSan Francisco, CA
SSan Francisco, CA
Melissa McMahonSan Francisco, CA
Vikki HuntSanta Barbara, CA
Anne SeemanSan Francisco, CA
Bobbi BuellSan Francisco, CA
MHauula, HI
SSan Francisco, CA
Pamela DeasHealdsburg, CA
Mars EarleDurham, NC
LSan Francisco, CA
Elizabeth CreelySan Francisco, CA
Vicki LaymonNew York, NY
JEureka, CA
Isabel RayHouston, TX
CWashington, DC
ISan Francisco, CA
Emily Rooke-LeyAustin, TX
MSan Francisco, CA
Melissa FieldsSanta Clara, CA
Jenny DodsonNew York, NY
SPittsburgh, PA
Jay ThibodeauPortland, ME
LSan Francisco, CA
Melissa ThrailkillDallas, TX
Hannah ThalenbergHouston, TX
Max CarwileKnoxville, TN
SCarrollton, TX
Pamela SebastianSan Francisco, CA
MSan Francisco, CA
Lesley PierceSan Francisco, CA
Deirdre ColtreraPittsburgh, PA
Ruth LeachSan Francisco, CA
Lisa CastellanosOakland, CA
RNew Orleans, LA
SSan Francisco, CA
Tameshia Bridges MansfieldChicago, IL
Aislinn CanarrBangor, ME
Marie RChicago, IL
HCleveland, OH
AOakland, CA
Alexandra AlbrightNew Market, MD
PBoston, MA
Dsanta barbara, CA
Currie CarothersMemphis, TN
ENew Orleans, LA
Sylvia JustelienLA
AGlendale, CA
LBrooklyn, NY
Jamie Lewissan antonio, TX
Dorothy BoersteHouston, TX
ESan Jose, CA
Joyce TownsendSan Antonio, TX
TChicago, IL
Cathy SchaeferSan Francisco, CA
Rachel CoeBerkeley, CA
AColumbus, OH
Denise BarlowSan Antonio, TX
Caitlin DickersonRaleigh, NC
MLafayette, LA
DBush, LA
ASan Francisco, CA
MBangor, ME
LNew Orleans, LA
CWashington, DC
Joanne MinskySan Francisco, CA
DSan Francisco, CA
Deborah Simon RN LNC CSHN ARCNCarrboro, NC
AMetairie, LA
Kathleen CampbellSan Francisco, CA
ZSan Francisco, CA
Chris Ellen MontgomerySan Francisco, CA
Nancy Elizabeth KeilerSan Francisco, CA
Deborah Simon RN LNC CSHNCarrboro, NC
BSan Francisco, CA
rCharleston, WV
MSan Francisco, CA
Eugenia LeftwichNew York, NY
JBrisbane, CA
THuntington, WV
Diane AubrySan Francisco, CA
Amber AdamsOakland, CA
CNew Orleans, LA
Mesha IrizarrySan Francisco, CA
Calla HalesCharlotte, NC
Sriya SarkarGaithersburg, MD
Susanne FuhrmanEnglewood, NJ
Holly SMadison, WI
MSan Francisco, CA
Nancy W GinSan Francisco, CA
RSan Leandro, CA
Crystal PerezSan Diego, CA
Mindy WoerterDurham, ME
CSan Francisco, CA
Laurie MackenzieSan Francisco, CA
Deborah BrooksSan Francisco, CA
LSan Francisco, CA
BOakland, CA
ASan Rafael, CA
Amanda O'NeillDallas, TX
LSan Francisco, CA
EBaltimore, MD
Jeremy StoneSan Francisco, CA
Lorraine ChamberlainSan Francisco, CA
MGainesville, FL
Felicia AronSF, CA
MSan francisco, CA
Mary LiljedahlSan francisco, CA
Sandra StarkCA
C.J. wongSF, CA
Tiseme ZegeyeCA
Nell LancasterVA
Dina FicoReading, MA
MPetaluma, CA
Nora McBeeConcord, CA
Liz LunaPlainfield, IL
JSan Francisco, CA
Laura Malouf-RenningSan Francisco, CA
Alexandra L KutikSan Francisco, CA
Emily LopezElgin, IL
SSan Francisco, CA
Linda MostovoySan Francisco, CA
LSan anselmo, CA
Molly CastroOlympa, WA
ASan Francisco, CA
Heather CherrySan Francisco, CA
Nikki PhillipSan Francisco, CA
MSan Francisco, CA
Linda HegenbarthSan Francisco, CA
KSan Francisco, CA
EBloomington, IN
MCambridge, MA
ASan Francisco, CA
Marianne LaneBrooklyn, NY
Nancy Elizabeth KeilerSan Francisco, FL
LSan Francisco, CA
IPacifica, CA
KSeattle, WA
RSan Francisco, CA
Bertha GaddiSan Jose, CA
LSan Francisco, CA
Stella AdelmanSan Francisco, CA
Nora GallagherSan Francisco, CA
ERaleigh, NC
Ranata CSan Francisco, CA
LSan rafael, CA

Mary Kateada Minneapolis, MN
Kathleen King Philadelphia, PA
Kristine Kippins New York, NY
Nan Kirkpatrick Dallas, TX
Barbara Kluger Boston, MA
Joan Lamunyon Sanford Albuquerque, NM
Meg Loomis San Antonio, TX
Melissa Madera New York, NY
Kim Mandernach Downers Grove, IL
Kenya Martin Houston, TX
Nia Martin-Robinson Detroit, MI
Shanelle Matthews Pasadena, CA
Jessica McCoy Granite City, IL
Eleanor McEntee Winston-Salem, NC
Kelsea McLain Raleigh, NC
Mallory McMaster Cleveland, OH
Kyndel Morris Knoxville, TN
Jill Morrison Cherry Hill, NJ
Carissa Morrison Raleigh, NC
Brittany Mostiller Chicago, IL
Kathleen Mulcahy Little Rock, AK
Christie Nadratowski Buffalo, NY
Patricia Oliansky Los Angeles, CA
Zoraima Pelaez Austin, TX
Valerie Peterson Orlando, FL
Stephanie Pineiro Jacksonville, FL
Katherine R Hartford, CT
Ashley Randall Flint, MI
Hana Raskin New York, NY
Maryon Rocha Tucson, AZ
Samantha Romero El Paso, TX
Candice Russell Seattle, WA
Genesis Sanchez Dallas, TX
Cristine Sardina Orange County, CA
Barbara Schwartz New York, NY
Julie Setzer Winston-Salem, NC
Shelley Sherman New York, NY
Nora Sherman St. Paul, MN
Whitney Shields Washington, DC
Anise Simon Chapel Hill, NC
Emily Simpson Atlanta, GA
Lauren Skinner Atlanta, GA
Sara Spriggs Seattle, WA
Nancy Starner New Orleans, LA
Pamela Steele Aurora, CO
Meg Stern Cincinnati, OH
Jennifer Stevanus Reading, PA
Kristi Swanson Charlotte, NC
Sarah Talley Midland, TX
Kadie Tannehill St. Louis, MO
Mira Taybe Madison, WI
Sonya Taylor Hampton, VA
Karen Thurston Atlanta, GA
R St. Louis, MO
Jessica Valenti New York, NY
Katie Vitale Norfolk, VA
Melissa Vogley Columbus, OH
Susan Weber Albany, NY
Renee Weisinger Trenton, NJ
Shireen Whitaker Sacramento, CA
Caitlin Williams Maplewood, NJ
Amanda Williams Houston, TX
Amber Williams Bozeman, MT
Margie Wirth Milwaukee, WI
Erica Wolak Seattle, WA
Jessica Wright Los Angeles, CA
Christy Zink Washington, DC
A New York, NY
Amy Harrisburg, PA
Jennifer New Orleans, LA
K Charleston, SC
Laurie MattsonSan Francisco, CA
Lynsey SmithSan Francisco, CO
CConcord, CA
jSan Francisco, CA
Jasmine FallstichEmeryville, CA
DSan Francisco, CA
Alicia RothSF, CA
Jennifer New york, NY
Anne SchenkSt. Paul, MN
CMadison, NJ
Eileen GilliganWashington, DC
Angelina PryorSan Francisco, CA
Erin KennedyCook, MN
SDublin, OH
MDobbs Ferry, NY
BLos Angeles, CA
TSan Francisco, CA
COakland, CA
AS. F., CA
EFoster City, CA
Margaret GallesBrisbane, CA
Anne CottaSan Anselmo, CA
SSan Francisco, CA
Aisling HarveySan Francisco, CA
Eloice HelmsSan Francisco, CA
Lindsay MerbaumSan Francisco, CA
Deirdre ColtreraPortland, ME
rebecca wenstersanfrancisco, CA
SPacifica, CA
IOakland, CA
Bea BatzCA
NOakland, CA
CSan Francisco, CA
ALos Angeles, CA
Pat Campbell CozziReno, NV
Alta LoweS. F., CA
Vikki HuntSanta Barbara, CA
Amy HughesFalls Church, VA
Nina MasonWashington, DC
JSan Francisco, CA
CSanta Cruz, CA
Suzy VincentSan Francisco, CA
CSomerville, MA
SWashington, DC
OWashington, DC
PWashington, DC
Riggin WaughWashington, DC
Susan BrennanSt. James, NY
ASan mateo, CA
JRockville, MD
SBoston, MA
SSt Leonard, MD
Aubrey HilbertWashington, DC
JArlington, VA
Hannah HunterLaplata, MD
Susan FMadison, WI
VWashington, DC
CSanta Clara, CA
Harolynne BobisLangley, WA
Stephanie AroraSan Francisco, CA
MSan Francisco, CA
ASan Rafael, CA
Katherine FliggGreenbrae, CA
JSan Francisco, CA
LSan Francisco, CA
Anne PfitzerTakoma Park, MD
MSan Francisco, CA
ECleveland, OH
PSan Jose, CA
Nicole ZanderIonia, MI
IBethesda, MD
Monica ReillyWashington, DC
Amanda FranceschiFairfax, VA
NCranford, NJ
Kristen VillalobosSan Francisco, CA
NWashington, DC
Cynthia McGarvieSalinas, CA
SSan Rafael, CA
MTupper lake, NY
ACambridge, MD
Sarah YeiserDC
Debra TjoaSan Francisco, CA
Melissa Ramirez-MedinaOakland, CA
Elisabeth ClarkWOODACRE, CA
JBrooklyn, NY
ASoquel, CA
PWashington, DC
Marsha GuggenheimSan francisco, CA
Jenni RobertsonHot Springs, AR
JWashington DC, DC
Kathy BruinSan Francisco, CA
LAnn Arbor, MI
SSan francisco, CA
ESan Francisco, CA
SBethesda, MD
SFalls Church, VA
Noemi AlmarazEmeryville, CA
TSan Francisco, CA
DPacifica, CA
CSan Francisco, CA
Suzette YoungEverett, WA
Thalia DoukasCollege Park, MD
Emily HeilmanWatsonville, CA
COakland, CA
RWashington, DC
Kelly NaviedWashington, DC
SFremont, CA
Deirdre ColtreraPortland, ME
JSan Diego, CA
EClaremont, CA
Shawna Bader-BlauTakoma Park, MD
Samantha TateHyattsville, MD
NNovato, CA
Elizabeth BlackburnColumbus, OH
VAtlanta, GA
JCharlotte, NC
CAurora, CO
Robyn SwirlingWashington, DC
Emma JonteWashington, DC
Melanie StegmanWashington, DC
Glory Dolphin HammesWhittier, CA
DWashington, DC
Pamela McCarthyFalmouth, MA
TFort Wayne, IN
Sueann MarkSan Francisco, CA
BSalida, CA
BWashington, DC
BSan Francisco, CA
Mary GriffithPrinceton, WV
Stevie HerreraReno, NV
Kathleen RyanSan Francisco, CA
Laurie ChildersAddison, VT
KBrooklawn, NJ
HBaltimore, MD
KSpring, TX
Victoria HoldridgeSan Rafael, CA
Kathy GlasgowMiami, FL
KPiscataway, NJ
Ruth KenrickChicago, IL
Kimberly LillyPortland, OR
RAustin, TX
RWalnut Creek, CA
Tina PerezCA
VSan Francisco, CA
Deborah LopezSan Francisco, CA
TSan andreas, CA
Ellen ShafferSan Francisco, CA
Mesila ThraamSan Francisco, CA
SWalnut Creek, CA
MSan francisci, CA
Jadine BuckmanHayward, CA
Cathy SchaeferSan Francisco, CA
Ganga SivasankaranConcord, CA
Rebecca HBeverly Hills, CA
Sheila BrownSan Francisco, CA
Sisko LuopajarviSan Francisco, CA